Prep Guide

What to do before our session:

-Drink lots of water the day before, avoid alcohol & sugary/diet drinks.  Champagne, kambucha or any other drink of your choice will be provided during our session! 

-Get a good nights rest.

-Exfoliate.  Find a nice sugar or salt scrub to help that skin get nice and glowy.

-Shave & moisturize.

-Waxing.  If you do so, make sure to have it done a few days before to avoid redness or bumps.

-Nails.  If you’d like to get them done do so 1-2 days before.  Any earlier and they might get chipped and not look so fresh.

-If you’re having your hair cut/colored give yourself a few extra days to make sure you love it.

-DO NOT SPRAY TAN.  I repeat. DO NOT SPRAY TAN. Anything from streaks to skin showing too much orange in camera, it’s just not going to look good in your photos and there's not much I can do about it in editing.

-Try on your outfits to make sure everything fits.  Remove tags (including inside labels)

-Wear loose clothing on the day of the shoot to avoid marks on your skin.

-Use clear or wear no deodorant.

What to expect for our session:

My sessions typically last 2-3 hours. First, we'll chat and I like to take my time to make sure you are comfortable because this is my #1 priority. Throughout our time together I'll direct you into poses or movements. I may also take breaks to move around, look at different angles, and try some creative ideas, but I will NEVER ask you to do anything you are not willing to do. I also like to have music playing and you are welcome to bring a favorite playlist to play during our session. I'm also open to any ideas you have, this is a time to play so let's PLAY!

Most of my clients have never done this before so I understand this can be a very intimidating experience, but know that I will be there with you every step of the way. I will guide you, pose you and let you take as many breaks as you want.

What to bring for your session: 

-Your outfits, plus a few extras (don't forget to remove those inside tags!)

-Robe or coverup

-Jewelry and/or accessories

-Makeup for touch-ups

-Hair brush and tools

What To Wear

BRA AND PANTY SETS: A great option for showing off your abs!  Beware of push-up bras, they really do not look natural on camera. Make sure the bra is well-fitted and the area near the armpit is smooth.  High-waisted and high-leg panties are flattering on every body.

CORSET/BUSTIER: A corset and a bustier are very similar, but the difference is a bustier usually has a bra built in, and a corset usually does not. These provide some shaping control and also hide the tummy. Pair them with a cute pair of underwear.

BODYSUIT: My personal favorite! Provides some shaping, coverage, seamless and all-around put-together look. They can create an elongating effect and are flattering for everyone. Long-sleeved bodysuits are a great option if you want to hide arms.

CLOTHING: Clothing is a fantastic option for boudoir.  It might sound counterintuitive but think about a hot leather jacket or an off-the-shoulder sweater, maybe one of his shirts. Lingerie can be super hot, but sometimes a pair of cotton panties and a tight white tee can be even sexier!

SHAPEWEAR: Shapewear is a type of tight-fitting underwear intended to control and shape the figure. There are many beautiful options out there these days. Not the ones that are meant to be hidden, but styles that flatter and are also pleasing to the eye.

SLIPS: Think of them as dresses that are meant to be worn under a dress, often with cups built in for support. Some slips can fit into the shapewear category but many do not. There are so many pretty options out there!

Footwear:  Don’t forget about those sexy heeled pumps or boots! Also tights and stockings.

Robes & Kimonos: Lace or sheer can be tied loosely or left open, draped off one shoulder or both.

Pro Tip:  The higher cut opening on the leg = the longer the leg = the more slender you will appear.

Where to Shop

Shop your closet! You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  Whatever you decide make sure it’s comfortable and feels like you!

Stores & Online:

Forever 21



Savage X Fenty

Free People*


Urban Outfitters









jens pirate booty

skimms (neutral)

*Also available at Nordstrom