The Gallery Reveal


The Gallery Reveal


Let's see those beautiful Images!

Your session is over and you're still soaking in the amazing experience we had together! Now what?

Here's a list of FAQ's on what to expect during our Gallery Reveal.

“If you change the way you look at things,

The things you look at change.”

-Wayne Dyer

Gallery Reveal FAQ's

So, what is a gallery reveal?


A gallery reveal is when we get together to gush over your beautiful photos! These private reveals usually take place roughly 4 weeks after your session. This can take place in person at your home or virtually through zoom.

How long does the appointment last?


Gallery Reveals usually last 30mins.
We’ll watch a slideshow then we’ll go through and look at all of your images. We'll talk about which ones you like and if you'd like to purchase anything.
I will also have sample products so you can see and feel what the final album and prints will look like!

How many images will I see during the gallery reveal?


It's hard to give a definitive number because each session and gallery is so unique! On average however, you will see anywhere between 50 - 100 images during your gallery reveal.

Will my photos be fully edited at the gallery reveal?


Your gallery will include a mix of color and black & white images, lightly edited and color toned with my signature style. Blemish removal and skin retouching will be done on a couple of images as an example. Full editing and retouching will be done after your reveal on all final images you purchase. Full retouching may take up to 2 weeks from your gallery reveal.

Does retouching cost extra?


Nope! Retouching is included in the purchase price.

What happens after the reveal?


I will email you a link to you gallery with watermarked images. This will remain live for a few days so you can take your time deciding which images and/or products you'd like to purchase. When you've made your selections we can have a call or you can email them to me along with what you'd like retouched and edited.

Do you offer payment plans?


Absolutely! I understand that this is a luxury experience and because this is an experience I want everyone to have I am willing to work with you on whatever kind of payment plan you can do. We can discuss options at your reveal.

To view our Price List click the photo below.

Have more questions?

Shoot me an email at to discuss!